Wish to build your network at the virtual event? – here are the tips:

Virtual events not just bring people from different geographies together but aim to create meaningful connections between them. Meeting potential partners and networking with interesting people is the motto of virtual event attendees. According to the survey from Marketing, networking is the top second reason for attendees to attend a virtual event. If you have missed your networking opportunity in your past events, here is how you can revamp in the future and build your contacts.

Effective networking at virtual events – best practices:

A successful virtual event platform creates effective avenues for networking and opens up new opportunities for the attendees. As a part of the virtual event, you should optimize all opportunities to connect with others and maximize your networking efforts. Some tips that help to build solid networks in your virtual events are:

1. Establish your networking goals:

Set your virtual networking goals in advance and work on your networking persona from the start. The organizers of the virtual events will create a list of attendees and makes it accessible to all. Refer to the list and identify your targets for networking. Keep the number of networks short of building meaningful conversations and connections.

2. Share your details with the event team:

Offer your complete biography and contact information when the virtual event platform asks for them. Try adding your professional photograph with your biography so that the participants can find you easily. Position yourself as a keen networking target for others.

3. Prove yourself to be an all-round entertainer than a business buff:

The best virtual event platform hosts many games to entertain its audience. It is not uncommon for events to have an online scavenger hunt, trivia, and other games to attract their prospects. Participate in these games to boost your virtual event experience. You can prove your lighter side for your networks and enhance their interest in associating with you.

4. Keep your complete social media profiles ready:

Before attempting to network with others, make sure your information on professional networking sites is complete and authentic. You shouldn’t feel like a spammer when people try to look for your details. Make yourself visible and have your networking sites open and handy to browse for people.

5. Engage in meaningful discussions:

Participating in thoughtful discussions and engaging in events organized by the agency will bring you under the limelight among the crowd. Engage in conversations that interest others and share your thoughts in a way that demonstrates expertise and your talent. Prove yourself to be a focal point around which others can build their networks. You can use the messaging tools in the event app to send real-time messages during the presentation, and this helps build trust with contact and shows them your respect for their opinion. 

6. Networking doesn’t stop at the end of the event:

Most people stop their networking efforts after the event is completed. But deeper connections happen after the completion of the event. Share business cards and contact numbers during the event, as most virtual event platforms allow participants to engage in private conversations. Connect with the fruitful prospects after the completion of the event to build deeper networks. Try contacting them within 24 hours after the completion of the event, when the memories are fresh to keep the network intact.

7. Exchange virtual business cards:

Virtual business cards are efficient tools to exchange contact details during the online meet. You can exchange them directly on the virtual platform,  similar to business cards, and connect with the attendees and exhibitors even after the event is over.  

8. Network through audio and video chats:

Using tools such as one-to-one text, audio, and video chat features to connect and network with others, shows your engagement towards the event. You can also use them to communicate with the panelists and speakers and grab the attention of other attendees. 


Networking is all about connecting with people and freely sharing your thoughts with them. Almond Virtex creates the best event platform with a solid mix of high-quality content and interactive networking opportunities in its events. With thoughtful planning, effort, and incredible event platform support, you can network with prospects virtually and efficiently. 

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