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Earn Rewards Per Litre: Jio-bp Empowered Drivers through RewardMeter Program


Jio-bp, a leading fuel retailer in India, wanted to enhance customer engagement and loyalty amongst truck drivers. They aimed to introduce a revolutionary loyalty program called 'RewardMeter' for truck drivers across India. The objective was to create a platform that would reward drivers for their loyalty and encourage them to make Jio-bp their preferred fuel stop. By offering attractive rewards and incentives, Jio-bp sought to foster a stronger relationship with this vital customer segment and drive increased business.


The introduction of a rewards program of this scale presented several challenges:

  • - Streamlining Reward Management

    Jio-bp needed a system to efficiently manage a large number of drivers across 1600+ pumps. This included point accrual, redemption tracking, and ensuring timely delivery of rewards.

  • - Equal Opportunity

    Jio-bp wanted to ensure that every driver, regardless of their fleet size or fuel consumption, had an equal opportunity to earn and redeem rewards, promoting a sense of fairness and inclusivity.

  • - Seamless Redemption

    Jio-bp desired a user-friendly platform for a hassle-free and efficient redemption process for drivers to claim their rewards.

  • - Real-Time Tracking

    Monitoring and tracking reward accruals and redemptions in real-time across the extensive network of fuel pumps was a significant challenge.


To address these challenges, Jio-bp partnered with Almonds Ai. They provided an end-to-end solution for the Jio-bp RewardMeter Loyalty Program, addressing the challenges through advanced technology:

  • - Rewards API Integration

    Almonds Ai seamlessly integrated its Rewards API with Jio-bp's systems, enabling real-time tracking and management of reward accruals and redemptions across all fuel pumps.

  • - End-to-End Redemption Management

    Drivers could access a user-friendly platform to view points, browse rewards across categories, and redeem them instantly. Almonds Ai handled the entire backend process, ensuring a smooth process across all redemption modes.

  • - Redemption Flexibility

    Drivers could redeem their accumulated loyalty points for a wide range of rewards, including mobile recharges, DTH recharges, e-gift vouchers, and digital catalog products, providing them with maximum flexibility and convenience.

  • - Data-driven Insights

    Jio-bp gained access to a comprehensive dashboard with real-time data on program performance, including total redemptions, driver participation, and most popular rewards. This enabled them to optimize their program and tailor offerings based on driver preferences.


The collaboration between Jio-bp and Almonds Ai led to a highly successful implementation of the RewardMeter Loyalty Program:

  • - Successful Program Launch

    The program was successfully launched and adopted across Jio-bp's extensive network of fuel pumps, catering to the needs of thousands of truck drivers.

  • - Increased Driver Engagement

    The program successfully boosted driver engagement with tens of thousands of drivers actively participating in the RewardMeter program.

  • - High Redemption Rate

    Higher than expected redemptions have been completed to date, demonstrating strong engagement and satisfaction among drivers.

  • - Extensive Network Coverage

    The program reached more than 1,600 Jio-bp pumps, covering a large geographic area and ensuring widespread participation.


The partnership between Jio-bp and Almonds Ai has resulted in a robust and efficient loyalty program that has enhanced the overall experience for truck drivers and contributed to the growth and success of Jio-bp.

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