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Becho Bindaas Jeeto Jhakaas: A Target and Achievement Based Incentivization and Reward Program for Retailers


Coca-Cola aimed to boost sales during the Cricket World Cup season while engaging their channel partners at a higher level. By leveraging the excitement surrounding the Cricket World Cup, the campaign aimed to incentivize retailers to achieve and exceed their sales targets, ultimately boosting Coca-Cola's revenue and strengthening relationships with its distribution network.


    1. Motivating retailers to go above and beyond their regular sales targets.

    2. Creating a compelling and aspirational rewards program that resonates with the target audience.

    3. Ensuring a seamless and transparent implementation of the rewards program across multiple zones.

    4. Generating excitement and buzz around the campaign to maximize participation and engagement.


To address these challenges, Almonds Ai designed a comprehensive and innovative campaign tailored to Coca-Cola's needs:

  • - Cricket World Cup Theme

    Leveraging the immense popularity of cricket in India, the campaign was themed around the Cricket World Cup, capitalizing on the excitement and enthusiasm surrounding the event.

  • - Tiered Rewards Structure

    A tiered rewards structure was implemented, offering a diverse range of aspirational prizes based on target achievement levels. These included high-value items such as Activa scooters, iPhones, LED TVs, backpacks, and smartwatches.

  • - Gamification and Engagement

    The campaign incorporated gamification elements, encouraging retailers to "hit targets" and "score gifts" in a cricket-inspired manner. This creative approach added an element of fun and competitiveness, driving higher levels of engagement.

  • - Rewarding Consistency

    While the top achievers received the most prestigious rewards, the program also acknowledged the efforts of retailers who achieved the base target (1X) by offering smartwatches through a random draw. This ensured that all participating retailers had a chance to win and felt valued


The "Becho Bindaas Jeeto Jhakaas" campaign delivered remarkable results for Coca-Cola, demonstrating the power of a well-designed and engaging channel partner incentive program:

  • - Increased Sales and Revenue

    The campaign successfully motivated retailers to achieve and exceed their sales targets, resulting in a significant boost in Coca-Cola's revenue during the campaign period.

  • - Strengthened Channel Partner Relationships

    By offering aspirational rewards and creating a sense of excitement, the campaign fostered stronger relationships between Coca-Cola and its channel partners, leading to improved loyalty and long-term collaboration.

  • - Brand Awareness and Buzz

    The cricket-themed campaign generated substantial buzz and awareness for Coca-Cola's brand, leveraging the widespread popularity of the sport in India.

  • - Data-driven Insights

    The campaign provided valuable data and insights into retailer behavior, preferences, and motivation factors, enabling Coca-Cola to refine its future channel partner engagement strategies.

  • - Positive Feedback

    Retailers who participated in the campaign reported a positive experience, highlighting the fairness and excitement of the rewards program.

The "Becho Bindaas Jeeto Jhakaas" campaign exemplified the power of innovative thinking, strategic rewards design, and effective implementation. By combining the excitement of cricket with aspirational prizes and gamification elements, Almonds Ai helped Coca-Cola achieve its objectives of driving sales, fostering channel partner engagement, and strengthening its distribution network in a highly competitive market.

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