There was a time when channel partners promoted brands just because they got discounts. But times have changed, competitors are endless, and tactics to attract channel partners are abundant.    

So, in this highly competitive market, brands continually seek innovative ways to attract and retain channel partners and customers. While discounts and one-time promotions may temporarily boost sales, they often fail to create long-term brand loyalty. Instead of relying solely on discounts, smart marketers are now focusing on driving channel partner engagement and boosting loyalty.  

In this blog, we will explore how businesses can leave discounts in the past and build strong customer loyalty through effective strategies and loyalty programs.  

Unmasking the Discount Dilemma  

Discounts may attract a fleeting crowd seeking a quick deal fix, but let’s face it; they won’t stick around for the long haul. The discount-driven path is a race to the bottom, leaving your margins thinner than a paperclip. So, why not break free from the shackles of discounts and explore a world of regular channel partner engagement built on trust and meaningful connections?  

But the question arises how to do that?  

How to Drive Channel Partner Engagement to Next Level  

It is the basic need of every brand to increase engagement with their channel partners and customers. For that, there are some practices that brands should follow, some of them are as follows:  

Creating Lasting Connections

Building genuine connections with them is the game you should play when it comes to channel partner engagement. Instead of bombarding them with one-time deals, let’s focus on content that speaks to their souls. Tell your brand’s story, share your values, and let them be a part of the journey, like Meesho is doing with their advertisement. It shows normal channel partners instead of using big, well-known, and expensive celebrities.  

| Remember, loyalty is a two-way street, and when channel partners feel connected, they’ll choose you over your competition without a second thought. | 

Offering Personalization

It is the secret sauce that turns ordinary transactions into extraordinary experiences. When someone greets us by our name or designation, we feel a different connection with that person. The same goes for channel partners and customers. When any brand greets them by their name, it develops a bond that they don’t forget easily.    

In simpler words, personalization is like a warm hug in the world of cold e-commerce, and everyone loves it. So, gather those data gems, craft personalized experiences, and watch your brand loyalty soar.  

Engage with Communities: To Make Your Fan Base  

Have you ever seen the crowd in front of Shahrukh Khan or Amitabh Bachchan’s mansions? Imagine a much greater crowd cheering for your brand on different platforms. That is the power of community engagement 

Communities provide a space for channel partners to connect, share experiences, and support each other while feeding reviews and problems directly to brands. These communities, from social media groups to online forums, create a buzz around your brand that transcends transactions

So, always build a tribe of loyal fans who champion your brand like their favorite sports team.

The Power of Surprise and Delight  

When you receive a package from your favorite brand, inside, there’s a personalized thank-you note or a surprise gift just for you. How would you feel? That’s right – thrilled, valued, and prioritized!

This combination of surprise and delight is like sprinkling magic dust on your channel partner’s experience.

| Little gestures go a long way in creating lasting memories and making the receiver feel valued. |


Channel partners and customers expect brands to be omnipresent – showing up at every turn, just like your favorite dessert cravings or Haldiram outlet. Let’s be where our customers are, from websites to mobile apps and social media platforms 

Omnichannel communication ensures seamless engagement, making your brand a part of their daily life.

Analyzing and Adapting

The journey of channel partner engagement is an ever-evolving one. To stay ahead in this journey, brands must collect data from them. They can use zero-party data practices or first-party data collection techniques. After which, brands must analyze it 

Analyzing their behavior and feedback provides valuable insights into what works and needs improvement. Embrace the data, experiment, and adapt your strategies to keep that loyalty train chugging.  

Loyalty Program Platform

Let’s get one thing straight – loyalty programs are not just about showering channel partners and end-customers with perks and freebies. They’re about fostering a sense of belonging. From tiered rewards to VIP access, loyalty programs make them feel special, encouraging them to stay loyal to your brand 

Once a brand decides to create a loyalty rewards program for itself, then that program should be able to follow all the practices mentioned above. So, it can centralize these practices to make them more effective and impactful

In the End

Now you know how to get through the whirlwind of discounts and embrace the path of higher channel partner engagement and brand loyalty. So, create unforgettable experiences that make your channel partners fall head over heels for your brand. And always remember, at the heart of it all, the human connection will keep them coming back for more.  

If you wish to create or manage your b2b loyalty program platform, choose Almonds AI. With ChannelVerse, a loyalty management platform, we will make you the champion of human connection to put your brand ahead of the curve. 

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