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Rolls Out Innovative Digital Campaign to Drive Consumer Engagement


Michelin, a global leader in tire manufacturing, aimed to boost consumer engagement and sales in the competitive Indian market. With a focus on leveraging digital technology and providing added value to customers, Michelin launched a unique promotional campaign.


The primary goal was to incentivize consumers to choose Michelin tires while enhancing brand awareness and loyalty. The campaign aimed to achieve this by offering Amazon vouchers as rewards for tire purchases and engaging consumers through a user-friendly digital platform.


Michelin introduced a QR code sticker on its tires, strategically placed for easy access by consumers. Upon scanning the QR code using a smartphone, customers were redirected to the Michelin Scan & Win website.

  • - QR Code Activation

    Consumers scanned the QR code, initiating their participation in the campaign.

  • - Digital Engagement

    The Scan & Win website prompted users to log in using their mobile number and OTP for security.

  • - Invoice Submission

    Participants were instructed to upload a photo of their tire purchase invoice for verification.

  • - Reward Redemption

    Upon successful verification, consumers received Amazon gift vouchers via email or SMS, redeemable for various products on the e-commerce platform.


  • - Increased Sales

    Michelin experienced a surge in tire sales during the campaign period, with a noticeable shift towards their brand among consumers.

  • - Enhanced Brand Engagement

    The interactive nature of the QR code campaign heightened consumer engagement and brand interaction, fostering a positive brand image.

  • - Digital Footprint Expansion

    Through the Scan & Win website, Michelin expanded its digital footprint and gathered valuable consumer data for future marketing efforts.

  • - Customer Satisfaction

    Participants appreciated the seamless and rewarding experience offered by the campaign, contributing to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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