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Zandu Sales Star Program Launch in International Market


Emami India, a well-known consumer goods company, decided to introduce its flagship product, Zandu Balm, into the Sri Lankan market. The primary objective was to motivate and incentivize the sales team to achieve ambitious sales targets amidst the challenges of penetrating a new market.


The main challenge faced by Emami was the necessity to drive sales in a foreign market where the brand had limited recognition. Launching a new product in a foreign market is challenging, particularly motivating the sales team to achieve ambitious targets. This made it necessary to develop a robust incentive program to drive performance.


Emami partnered with Almonds Ai to develop an end-to-end engagement and incentive platform tailored to the specific needs of Emami's sales team. The platform was named the Zandu Sales Star Program and integrated various features to incentivize and track sales performance effectively:

  • - Points-Based System

    Salespersons were assigned targets, and their achievements were tracked against these targets. Each successful sale earned them points, motivating them to strive for higher sales volumes.

  • - Gratification Catalogue

    A large catalogue of online and offline gifts was created to offer salespersons various options for redeeming their accumulated points. This provided tangible rewards for their efforts and incentivized continued performance.

  • - Audit System

    An audit system was implemented to ensure compliance and maintain brand standards. Salespersons earned points by sharing pictures of outlets displaying proper Zandu branding and maintaining the purity of the Zandu counter, reinforcing brand integrity.

  • - Engagement Features

    Almonds Ai incorporated interactive elements such as a spin-the-wheel game to keep the sales team engaged. By participating, salespersons could earn additional points, fostering a sense of excitement and camaraderie among team members.

  • - Real-Time Tracking

    The platform offered real-time visibility into daily achievements, redemptions, and points accumulation, empowering salespersons to monitor their progress and stay motivated.

  • - Other Features

    Salespersons could manage their profiles, view redemption history, and access the gratification catalogue, providing a user-friendly experience and fostering engagement with the platform.


Despite the challenges of entering a new market, the Zandu Incentive Program yielded significant results:

  •   Achievement of target sales volume, translating to a steep jump in cases sold.
  •   The engagement platform effectively motivated the sales team, driving performance and fostering a competitive spirit.
  •   Real-time tracking enabled salespersons to monitor their progress and make data-driven decisions to optimize sales efforts.
  •   The gratification catalogue provided tangible rewards, incentivizing continued performance and loyalty among the sales team.

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