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Revolutionizing Sampling Strategies: Overcoming the Challenge of Exclusivity with Almonds AI and Propelling Loreal Lancôme to New Heights


L'Oreal's ambitious objective was to shatter the barriers of exclusivity by revolutionizing their Lancôme sampling approach. Their aim was to overcome the challenge of engaging the elite, gain invaluable consumer insights, and propel Lancôme to new heights of desirability and brand loyalty.


L'Oreal faced the formidable challenge of breaking through the walls of exclusivity surrounding high-profile products. Convincing the elite, who traditionally shy away from sampling, to participate and share accurate data posed a significant hurdle. Additionally, ensuring precise delivery to their addresses required meticulous attention to detail.


L'Oreal partnered with Almonds AI, a leader in data-driven marketing solutions, to envision and provide innovative sampling strategies. Leveraging Almonds AI's expertise, L'Oreal harnessed the power of data integration, digital innovations, and targeted reach. They utilized Telecom Data, digital marketing expertise, and existing first-party data to curate robust audience models. By expanding their reach through lookalike audiences and implementing a WhatsApp-based digital sampling bot, L’Oréal connected with high net worth individuals and personalized the sampling process. A dedicated portal, developed in collaboration with Almonds AI, streamlined form submissions, enhancing user engagement.


The impact of L’Oréal’s ground-breaking approach, guided by Almonds AI, was nothing short of extraordinary. Within a whirlwind two-month timeframe, they reached an astounding 400k customers across 30 top Indian cities, driving heightened brand loyalty. Their innovative efforts, in collaboration with Almonds AI, led to an impressive 25k authentic registrations, opening doors to invaluable consumer insights. With a transformed understanding of their target audience, L'Oreal gained the competitive edge needed to refine marketing strategies, enhance product development, and position Lancôme as the epitome of luxury and elegance.


L'Oreal's revolutionary sampling strategies, envisioned and provided in partnership with Almonds AI, exemplify their commitment to innovation and consumer-centric approaches. By overcoming the challenge of exclusivity, they captivated the elite, gained invaluable insights, and propelled Lancôme to new heights. This case study serves as a testament to the transformative power of data-driven strategies and cutting-edge technologies, in collaboration with Almonds AI, in redefining sampling success and driving exceptional results for high-profile brands.

  •   400k - Customers Reached
  •   25k - Registrations
  •   2 - Months
  •   30 - Top Cities

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