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Action TESA: Building a Connected Ecosystem with TESA CONNECT


Action TESA's primary objective is to create a comprehensive and feature-rich ecosystem designed explicitly for carpenters, contractors, channel partners, and influencers. The aim is to accelerate influencer-led growth by enhancing channel partner engagements beyond offline activities. Key goals include:

  • - Streamlining influencer engagement and payouts.

  • - Enhancing analytics for better decision-making.

  • - Expanding market access and productivity.

  • - Leveraging marketing tools for broader reach and collaboration.


Action TESA faced several challenges in achieving their objectives:

  • - Streamlining influencer engagement and payouts

    Action TESA faced challenges in effectively managing and coordinating influencer activities, payments, and analytics, which hindered their ability to leverage influencer-led growth strategies effectively.

  • - Expanding market reach

    With the traditional offline approach, Action TESA encountered limitations in expanding its market reach and engaging with a broader audience of potential channel partners and influencers.

  • - Enhancing channel partner motivation and collaboration

    Keeping channel partners motivated and fostering collaboration among them was a significant challenge, as traditional methods lacked the necessary tools and incentives.


To address these challenges, Action TESA launched TESA CONNECT, a comprehensive and feature-rich super app ecosystem tailored exclusively for carpenters, contractors, channel partners, and influencers. This game-changing platform offers a one-stop solution for a wide range of utilities, empowering channel partners across the nation.

  • - Unified Digital Platform

    TESA CONNECT provides a one-stop solution for various utilities, allowing seamless communication and engagement with channel partners and influencers.

  • - Enhanced Analytics Capabilities

    The app includes features that provide Action TESA with detailed analytics, enabling better understanding and strategic management of influencer and channel partner activities.

  • - Streamlined Reward System

    Features such as Instant Rewards, Digital KYC, and Scan to Earn simplify and expedite the reward distribution process, ensuring timely and accurate payouts.

  • - Dynamic Engagement Tools

    With tools like Dynamic Schemes and ORG Mapping, the platform fosters greater collaboration and engagement, motivating channel partners to participate actively.

  • - Marketing tools and brand exposure

    The platform provided marketing tools and opportunities for brand exposure and marketing partnerships, allowing influencers and channel partners to expand their reach and foster collaboration.


The implementation of TESA CONNECT yielded significant positive outcomes:

  • - Maximized Sales

    By providing a comprehensive digital platform, sales efforts were streamlined, leading to maximized sales and revenue growth

  • - New Participation

    The app successfully onboarded many new channel partners and influencers and expanded the company's market presence.

  • - Enhanced Productivity and Market Access

    The tools and features of TESA CONNECT improved the efficiency and productivity of channel partners, enabling better market penetration.

  • - Motivated Channel Partners

    The dynamic and engaging platform features kept channel partners motivated, resulting in higher participation rates and more proactive involvement in marketing activities.

  • - Enhanced Brand Exposure

    The extensive reach and collaboration capabilities provided by the app led to enhanced brand exposure and more effective marketing partnerships.

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