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Carpenter Loyalty and Rewards Program for Jivanjor by Jubilant


  • Background of Jivanjor and the Achiever’s Club

    Jivanjor, a reputable woodworking adhesives company, introduced the Achiever’s Club as a community platform for carpenters and contractors. The club aimed to foster networking, learning, and peer sharing within the woodworking industry.

  • Challenges faced by the Achiever’s Club

    The initial iteration of the Achiever’s Club faced several significant challenges, including low user engagement, uninspiring gratification options for members, and delayed reward delivery. These issues hampered the effectiveness and success of the club.


  • Low Engagement

    The lack of engagement within the Achiever’s Club resulted in reduced member participation. This hindered the potential benefits of networking, knowledge exchange, and collaboration.

  • Uninspiring Gratification Options

    The limited and unexciting gratification options available through the club failed to motivate members to actively participate and achieve targets. This led to decreased interest and enthusiasm among the woodworking professionals.

  • Delayed Reward Delivery

    The inefficient reward delivery process resulted in delayed shipments to members. This negatively impacted member satisfaction and eroded trust in the program.

Solution: Achiever’s Club 2.0 Revamp by Almonds Ai

To address these challenges, Jivanjor collaborated with Almonds Ai to revamp the Achievers Club into a more engaging and effective platform.

  • Enhanced User Experience

    • The Achievrs Club app underwent a complete interface redesign, ensuring it was user-friendly and intuitive

    • Almonds AI introduced engaging games, informative videos, and interactive content to keep members enthralled and entertained.

  • Exciting Gratification Options

    • A diverse and appealing rewards catalogue was curated, offering members an array of enticing options to choose from.

    • The revamped gratification program aimed to motivate members by aligning rewards with their aspirations and achievements.

  • Streamlined Reward Redemption Process

    • The redemption process was simplified and streamlined to ensure seamless and quick reward redemption.

    • Integration with logistics partners enabled prompt delivery of rewards to members' doorsteps.

  • Physical Rewards Catalogue

    • A pocket-friendly physical catalogue was created, enabling members to conveniently visualize and select their desired rewards.


The implementation of Achievers Club 2.0 produced significant positive outcomes for Jivanjor and its members.

  • Increased Engagement

    The revamped platform witnessed a surge in member engagement and participation. Carpentry and contracting professionals actively utilized the Achievers Club to network, share experiences, and learn from their peers.

  • Enhanced Gratification

    Offering a broader range of gratification options and tailoring rewards to members' aspirations substantially improved satisfaction levels. Members felt motivated to achieve targets and redeem rewards that were personally meaningful to them.

  • Timely Reward Delivery

    The streamlined redemption and logistics process facilitated prompt delivery of rewards. Members no longer experienced delays, thereby bolstering their trust and loyalty to the club.

  • Market Recognition

    Achievers Club 2.0 garnered significant market attention, with over thousands of redemptions recorded in just a few days. This achievement underscored the successful transformation of the club into a highly sought-after platform for woodworking professionals.

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