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The Rakshin Project by Sakshi NGO: Empowering Youth to #StopChildSexualAbuse through Digital Innovation


In a nation grappling with the pervasive issue of child sexual abuse, Sakshi NGO spearheaded the Rakshin Project, a youth-led movement aimed at creating awareness and driving change. Leveraging the power of digital innovation, Sakshi embarked on a transformative journey to educate and empower individuals across India.


Sakshi faced the challenge of transitioning from manual sessions to a comprehensive digital platform. They needed a user-friendly solution that could effectively manage time, accessibility, real-time data tracking, privacy, and security while spreading the message of gender equality and prevention of sexual abuse.


Collaborating with Almonds AI, Sakshi developed a multi-dimensional, tech-enabled integrated solution. This innovative platform seamlessly connected with stakeholders and provided impactful and engaging experiences with minimal manual interventions. Through interactive digital sessions, Sakshi created a safe and accessible space for spreading awareness and education.


The Rakshin Project, powered by Almonds AI's digital innovation, yielded remarkable results:

Reached over 5,000 colleges across the country, mobilizing a vast network of youth advocates. Reached more than 2 crore individuals, forming a formidable human chain committed to fighting child sexual abuse. Engaged and educated over 5 lakh students, empowering them with knowledge and tools to protect themselves and others. Created a robust digital ecosystem that facilitated easy access to resources, real-time data tracking, and personalized engagement.


Sakshi NGO's Rakshin Project, guided by the visionary principles of David Ogilvy and supported by Almonds AI's digital prowess, revolutionized the fight against child sexual abuse. By harnessing the power of digital innovation, Sakshi successfully created a dynamic and accessible platform for spreading awareness and education. This impactful initiative empowered youth, engaged communities, and paved the way for a safer and more inclusive society.

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