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Sleepwell Boosts Store Visits by 30% with Beacon Technology


Sleepwell aimed to boost sales and increase store visits by leveraging innovative marketing strategies. The primary goal was to attract potential customers to their physical stores, allowing them to experience Sleepwell products firsthand.


  • - Targeting hyperlocal customers

    Sleepwell needed to reach potential customers in specific geographic areas near their store locations.

  • - Driving store visits

    Convincing online audiences to visit physical stores for product trials was a significant challenge in an increasingly digital shopping landscape.

  • - Measuring campaign effectiveness

    Tracking the impact of digital marketing efforts on in-store visits and sales required sophisticated analytics.


To address these challenges, we implemented a solution called 'INNOTAILS', which involved a Beacon-based programmatic program. Beacons were strategically placed in targeted areas to deliver personalized messages and promotions directly to potential customers' smartphones when they were close to Sleepwell stores. This approach leveraged location-based targeting to enhance engagement and encourage store visits.


The campaign yielded significant results across multiple metrics:

  • - Reach

    The campaign successfully reached millions of potential customers through targeted messaging.

  • - Geographic coverage

    Implemented across five key locations, maximizing local relevance and impact.

  • - Increased Engagement

    The program generated over one lakh interactions with customers, indicating high engagement levels.

  • - Increased foot traffic

    There was a notable 30% increase in footfall at Sleepwell stores following the campaign.

Moreover, the campaign effectively attracted diverse and affluent demographics to Sleepwell stores. Notably, there was a significant increase (+30%) in visits from individuals with a personal income of 40K or more, demonstrating the effectiveness of targeted beacon-based promotions in influencing consumer behavior and driving sales.

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