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Airtel Diwali Mahotsav: A Game-Changing Strategy for App Engagement


Airtel recognized the potential of leveraging its self-care app, Airtel Thanks App, to enhance customer engagement and reduce operational costs. The primary objectives included:

  • • Increasing user engagement on the Airtel Thanks App.
  • • Reducing call center costs by encouraging customers to use the app for self-service.
  • • Reducing commission costs by enabling users to recharge or pay bills online through the app.


To achieve these objectives, Airtel faced several challenges:

  • - Low User Adoption

    Despite the availability of the Airtel Thanks App, many customers still preferred third-party platforms that offer similar services, for routine transactions, resulting in higher operational costs for Airtel.

  • - Limited Engagement

    The existing app lacked compelling features and incentives to drive sustained user engagement and encourage self-service adoption.

  • - Game Design

    Developing engaging and exciting games that would attract users and keep them interested in the app.


To address these challenges, Airtel's agency partnered with Almonds Ai to develop the Diwali Mahotsav gamification portal within the Airtel Thanks App. The portal featured a range of gamified experiences, including:

  • - Engaging Games

    Almonds Ai designed games such as Spin the Wheel, Quiz, and Tambola to appeal to a broad audience. Users played these games to accumulate scores and earn exciting gifts such as cars, TVs, and mobile phones

  • - Seamless Integration

    The portal was seamlessly integrated into the Airtel Thanks App, providing a user-friendly and cohesive experience for customers.

  • - Exciting Incentivization

    A range of gift vouchers were given to users based on their performance in the games. These vouchers could be redeemed for a variety of rewards categories.

  • - Marketing Campaign

    A comprehensive marketing campaign to promote the Diwali Mahotsav portal and attract users to the app.

  • - User Analytics

    The portal enabled Airtel to gather valuable user data and insights, allowing for targeted marketing efforts and personalized experiences.


The launch of the Diwali Mahotsav portal on the Airtel Thanks App yielded significant results:

  • - Increased User Engagement

    There was a notable increase in the number of users accessing the Airtel Thanks App during the campaign period.

  • - Cost Savings

    The increase in app usage led to a reduction in call center costs as more users could use the app for self-service.

  • - Reduced Third-Party Commissions

    With more users performing transactions directly through the app, Airtel minimized its reliance on third-party platforms, leading to lower commission costs.

  • - Brand Loyalty and Retention

    The engaging and rewarding experiences fostered by the Diwali Mahotsav portal strengthened brand loyalty and customer retention, positioning Airtel as an innovative and customer-centric telecommunications provider.

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