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Building Customer Safety and Machine Performance through Mobile App


JCB is a renowned manufacturer of construction and agricultural equipment. They have a team of engineers who visit various sites where JCB machines are used. These goodwill visits ensure that customers do not face problems while working with the equipment. The goal is to maintain the safety and productivity of both the machines and their operators


JCB recognized the importance of ensuring customer safety and minimizing operational downtime. The primary objective was to ensure the safety and satisfaction of JCB's customers. To achieve this, JCB needed a program enabling their engineers to engage on a unified platform where all customer issues could be reported, tracked, and resolved efficiently. By doing so, JCB aimed to enhance customer satisfaction, improve machine health, and foster a proactive approach to maintenance and support.


  • - Limited visibility into on-site operations

    JCB lacked a centralized system to gather real-time insights and feedback from engineers conducting goodwill visits at customer sites.

  • - Inefficient issue tracking and resolution

    The absence of a dedicated platform hindered efficient issue tracking, leading to delays in addressing customer concerns and potential downtime.

  • - Disengaged Engineers

    Without a structured incentive program, site engineers lacked motivation to actively participate in reporting issues and providing valuable on-site insights.

  • - Customer Dissatisfaction

    Unresolved issues and prolonged downtime could lead to customer dissatisfaction, potentially damaging JCB's reputation and customer loyalty.


JCB partnered with Almonds Ai and introduced a new application that streamlined the process of reporting and tracking customer issues.

  • - Mobile Application

    Almonds Ai developed a user-friendly mobile application to serve as a central hub for site engineers. This application enabled engineers to report issues, share updates, and provide detailed on-site observations during their goodwill visits.

  • - Centralized Issue Tracking

    The application integrated with JCB's internal systems, allowing for efficient issue tracking, prioritization, and streamlined resolution processes.

  • - Real-time Updates

    Engineers could provide instant feedback on the conditions of the machines, helping JCB understand on-ground issues promptly.

  • - Incentive Program

    To foster engagement and motivation, JCB implemented an incentive program that rewarded engineers with monetary rewards for their active participation and valuable contributions.

  • - Improved Communication

    The platform facilitated better communication between engineers, customers, and JCB, leading to faster resolutions and higher satisfaction.


The collaboration between JCB and Almonds Ai resulted in significant improvements for both the company and its customers:

  • - Improved Machine Health

    By leveraging real-time insights from engineers, JCB could promptly address machine-related issues, leading to a 80% increase in overall machine health and reduced downtime.

  • - Enhanced Customer Loyalty

    Proactive issue resolution and prompt support fostered greater customer satisfaction, resulting in a 70% increase in customer loyalty towards the JCB brand.

  • - High App Engagement

    The incentive program and user-friendly application motivated engineers, leading to over thousands of daily active users contributing valuable on-site insights.

  • - Financial Rewards

    JCB rewarded engineers with over tens of thousands of units of monetary incentives, recognizing their contributions and fostering a culture of engagement.

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