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Gamification on the Pidilite Genie App Boosts Dealer Engagement and Sales during IPL


Pidilite Genie is a prominent carpenter and dealer app in India, boasting a substantial user base comprising hundreds of thousands of active users. The app serves as a crucial platform for dealers, providing them with essential tools and resources for their business operations. Pidilite recognized the immense potential of leveraging major events like the Indian Premier League (IPL) to enhance user engagement on their app. With the goal of increasing user interaction and ultimately boosting sales, Pidilite sought to introduce gamification elements to the Pidilite Genie app during the IPL season


The objective of gamifying the Pidilite Genie app was to increase engagement and interaction for Pidilite dealers, thereby enhancing overall sales performance. The focus was to make the app more appealing and exciting by incorporating game mechanics, primarily centered around the theme of predictions in the Indian Premier League (IPL) matches.


  • - Dealer Engagement

    The primary challenge was engaging Pidilite dealers more effectively on the app and encouraging regular usage.

  • - Competition

    As many similar apps existed in the market, Pidilite Genie needed to differentiate itself and offer a unique experience to maintain dealer interest.

  • - Measuring and Analyzing Performance

    Establishing relevant metrics and implementing robust analytics to measure the impact of the gamification initiative on sales performance and dealer engagement was essential.


  • - Prediction Game

    A core feature of the gamified experience was dealers' ability to predict the winning team of IPL matches daily, creating a sense of excitement and engagement.

  • - Order & Win

    Dealers could earn bonus runs by placing an order on the Pidilite Genie app on the same day as making their prediction, encouraging consistent app usage.

  • - Climb Faster

    Dealers were motivated to keep their prediction streak alive over consecutive days to multiply their runs and accelerate their ascent up the leaderboard.

  • - Leaderboards

    Daily and weekly leaderboards displayed the top scorers, adding an extra competitive dimension to the app and encouraging dealers to strive for top positions.

  • - Scorecard

    The app provided a scorecard that showcased the dealer's total earned runs, incorporating points from predictions, bonuses, and daily orders.


  • - Higher User Engagement

    The introduction of gamification elements significantly boosted dealer interaction with the app, as they actively participated in predictions and used the app for daily orders.

  • - Better Performance

    The combination of gaming features and incentives led to improved sales performance among Pidilite dealers.

  • - Higher Redemption Rates

    The diverse redemption options and instant rewards system resulted in higher redemption rates among users.

  • - Double Digit Increase in Genie-Traffic

    The gamification initiative resulted in a noticeable increase in monthly active purchasers on the Pidilite Genie app, with a steady increase in traffic.

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